Sizing Guide

Our Focus is Your Fit!

Let's face it! One of the biggest struggles with buying clothing online is FIT!! Will that gorgeous item I just purchased actually fit me when it comes or will I have the hassle of a return or exchange!  We at ' promise to do our utmost to ensure you get a great fit the first time.

We state if we feel a garment is running small, large, or fits true to size. We also understand that every body type is different, so posted below is a general measurement and sizing guideline. We can't guarantee that each items is true to this sizing guide because we buy from many different vendors. This is why we state the size the model is wearing on each item we post and let you know how it fits. Please pay specific attention to how we describe each item. 

If you still need additional help ensuring a great fit.  Please connect with us at  We want to help!