"I think of the woman's body as something to be celebrated and embraced, rather than changed"   — M. Young

Hi!  I am Lindsay Shields, founder of Kervology.

Kervology started 4 years ago out of my own frustration. I have been a “Kervie” my entire life, and was sick of not being able to find clothing that was CUTE, TRENDY, and TRUE TO SIZE.

Soooooo……Kervology was born at my kitchen table in a Utah suburb in 2017 --  with $1000 and an endless flow of Diet Coke!  

Since then we have grown and grown, and it has blown my mind at the community of #Kervie Women we have created here.

We are empowering women to celebrate their natural shape.  

We are advocating for each other.

We are talking about issues only we will understand.

And….we are looking good while we are doing it!

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